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18 December 2010 @ 05:23 pm
Recieved Gazette's new single PLEDGE in the mail  yesterday. I absolutely love "Pledge." The track after that is "The True Murderous Intent." I have mixed feelings about the song; I mean, I like the rough lyrics and the fast pace but the song doesn't sound memorable to me. Shiver, Hesitating Means Death, Naraku, RED, Vermin and Unbearable Fact are all very memorable songs (I loved all of them) not only in their meaning but in the sound. The True Murderous Intent just feels like a track I'd want to skip over. There's nothing that really keeps my attention. And the female vocals sound good on their own, but when thrown in together with Ruki's vocals and overall hard melody, it sounds awkward and forced. Like, "let's have a cool musical contrast *throws in girl and makes her sing*"

Voiceless Fear is a strong track but just a bit underwhelming. Because Pledge is beautiful and complex to me, the other two just don't measure up. Even on their own, without being compared to Pledge, they lack..something. Well, I'm not thoroughly educated in music so I'm just going by how I emotionally responded to each song.

I'm looking forward to what Gazette will come up with next. They must be under a lot of pressure right now and obviously they've been busy, making frequent magazine appearances (yes I've bought them all) so I'll be patient and continue to support them no matter what<3. I adore this band, really.
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