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19 December 2010 @ 04:28 pm
only had about 10+ shots of sake last night. it was a smooth, yogurt-y texture, really good though. i have to look out for a few bottles next time i go to mitsuwa. i forgot what the exact name was. but IT WAS GOOD. dammit. 

I don't drink unless I go out and last night I went out with the bf for his mom's birthday. it was a nice time.

we talked about my story and the characters for a while. it was hilarious.

i am not ashamed to integrate drugs, sex and violence into certain situations because they are all a part of life, especially a life involved on the streets and corrupt secret police forces. there is no right and wrong. just varying degrees of evil. if the times are hard enough, people will want to believe anything, so they may turn to a powerful figure who promises salvation, but he will actually lead the world to its demise.

i'm scaring myself just a little by researching such horrible times in history. it helps, though, to learn as much as i can. this way, i can make the story feel a more realistic and frightening even for a fantasy. hmm or am i now in the steampunk genre. oh well. i will continue to write wihout worrrying about fitting into a genre.
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xblackcoffee: red bowxblackcoffee on December 20th, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
I had a sip of sake once. It wasn't bad. I think it was different than the type you described though. It tasted more like wine to me. XD

You're so more diligent in research than me. XD I always make it up as I go and then research afterwards. Not such a good way of doing things. lol
kumi: that's one way to do itlovemomo on December 24th, 2010 03:57 am (UTC)
Maybe you had the dry type? um I know there's smooth and dry and the dry kind has a more bitter taste. I like both kinds ^^;

Actually I've heard of several authors who write as they go. If it works well for you, then keep it up! The only problem I have is I tend to research more than I write.. woops, haha.